EquiShield IBH Salve

I use this product on a couple of summer sores my horse gets on his belly every summer. This stuffs soothes the sores and keeps the bugs out of it allowing it to heal and not allowing further parasitic problems that would necessitate the use of an oral paste wormer to address. It works great!

I’ve tried quite a few products for itching and this is the only thing that truly works for my mare and gelding that have the culicoides/no-see-um allergy. Works in ears, chest, midline, tail. They stopped itching pretty much the same day. Highly recommend!


Salve in the tub works for the gnat/fly bites on my mare's belly. Appears to stop the itching and provide some relief


This is the only thing that I have found that really works for my mare with sensitivity to gnats. Her ears and face itch so bad that she rubs them constantly. This cream sooths the itching and helps heal the sores while repelling the bugs. I have tried everything and this works!


EquiShield SA Powder

Approximately 5 weeks in [using EquiShield SA (Skin & Allergy)] and already seeing a difference. [My mare's] skin allergies have been so bad that I contemplated moving her back to New Hampshire from Florida....she has been covered in hives, rubbed her thick beautiful mane off, but she has finally stopped rubbing and scratching...I think we can stay now. Thank you so much for this wonderful product!


EquiShield CK Shampoo


EquiShield CK HC Shampoo, CK HC Salve and SB (Sun Block) have dramatically improved the chronic pastern/heel bulb dermatitis on my draft cross. I have tried so many "remedies' and this has provided the best results. Such a relief to have found Kinetic Vet's EquiShield line!

-Suzanne Cannon

We use this on both of our horses. Each fall they get oozing spots on the lower half (belly down to hoof line). It took is 3 yrs to find a vet that knew what it was. A weed they touch if fall riding. THIS Shampoo is great to put on a sponge add water and scrub their legs after EACH ride. Our horses don't break out as often anymore. Won't be without this


My poor baby had intermittently broke out with this anomaly of a skin disease. I took her to the very several times, she was tested for everything under the sun, on thyroid medication, tested negative for cushings, mites, etc. nothing. There's also NOTHING helping her. Until a friend recommended this product. OMG it worked! Her spirits are coming back, her hair and skin is softer. Her HAIR IS COMING BACK. And the dry spots are disappearing. I swear this stuff really really works, when NOTHING ELSE DID!

-John G.

This medicated shampoo really dries out the sores on my mini's face and neck. He has allergic dermatitis and rubs himself raw with itching. This shampoo seems to help reduce irritation.


One of the best Fungus Shampoos This is my favorite go to shampoo for fungus! My horse used to get horrible fungus (scratches) on her white leg. It was a miserable experience trying to treat her. Until I discovered this shampoo and the salve that goes with it. Typically I will wash her legs with this once a week to prevent against any new spots from showing up! It is a miracle worker.


EquiShield CK Salve

This product heals scratches and dew poisoning very quickly after applying daily - each day the affected area was lightly rubbed w/a soft towel to remove loosened scabs - in just days the area turned a healthy pink and the hair started growing back. Used it successful on both horses and dogs!

-Sam W.

EquiShield CK HC Salve

Deals with both the fungal issue and bacterial secondary skin infection, GREAT stuff. We've had a issue lasting over a year, this is the only thing that has helped.

This stuff is great!

-Lisa H

EquiShield CK HC Shampoo

My older horse has very sensitive skin and this shampoo worked great for him. Thanks!


EquiShield IR Shampoo

My vet recommended this and now I know why, it really did the job for itching

-Amanda J.

Helped clean and soothe my horses sore, itchy skin (scratches/dermatitis)

-Kay P.

EquiShield IR Spray

Works as expected and really helped with itching for my dog I would buy this again.

-Rebecca D.

EquiShield SC

Palatable. the product has helped the coat on a 20 year PPID mare.  The hair is softer and skin more supple.

-Dr. Suzie White


Excellent product for all types of wounds. It minimizes the appearance of scars and I am very happy with it. I recommend it!

-Caitlyn C.

This worked great on my cats wounds. Healed them very quickly.

-Kelly S.

My horse always cuts himself up in his stall and this has become a miracle product for us. We use it on all his cuts and they heel so much faster than before. I would recommend this product to anyone who has a horse with any sort if cut on them.

-Lori G

Love this stuff, use it for anything and everything!


Great for rain rot, scratches and minor cuts and scrapes. Better than any other product I have tried!

Conquer Liquid

Great for joint injury or arthritis issues.

-Sharon B.

All my horses are in their teens. They are all moving and feeling better being on a daily dose of Conquer.

Conquer really makes a difference with my dressage horse!!

-Lisa S.

Been using this on my horse for a few months now and it really seems to work! She loves the taste.

-Barbara M.

Chondrogen EQ


-Joyce T.

Best product!

-Melanie P.

My Annie girl is now 19 and has become a bit picky with her food. At the advice of my vet, I tried Chondrogen EQ because she has turned her nose up at Cosequin which I have used since she was 7. Thankfully, this seems to have worked for now and I am happy.

-Amy C.

Excellent product.helps both of our upper level dressage horses.

-Miriam C.

Finally, a joint supplement my mare will eat!

I have felt it important for my nine year old dressage mare to be on a joint supplement. This is a quality supplement that she likes to eat!



Great product. Use on all hard gainer thoroughbreds in foal mares. Never a tempurement change. Great results. Love the product.

-Jessica R.

This has been my go to product for adding muscle definition to both sale and show horses! Each of the horses that have used the MASS on have showed a significant increase in muscle mass and definition by the end of the first 30 days. I the product 5 stars but the packaging 3 stars due to the difficulty of squeezing it for the proper dosage."


I was introduced to this product through a friend, and it really works. my horse is a different horse now"


Use this supplement for a month and recovery was very fast for my colts muscles after strenuous exercises great builder does what it says