Our Story


Founded in 1999 by veterinarian brothers Drs. Scott and Stuart Pierce, Kinetic Vet since its inception has been grounded in the science of product development. Striving to find common-sense solutions for common ailments, our goal has been, and remains, to deliver patients high-quality products that are backed with clinical research and evidence-based medicine.

With a deep understanding and connection to the animal health industry’s needs, we keep our thumb on the pulse of what’s current and what’s missing in the market based on generations of experience in clinical practice and animal husbandry.



Driven by misleading and mislabeled animal health products, we are committed to manufacturing and supplying the industry with products you can feel confident using. A proud member of the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) Kinetic Vet, through independent laboratories, tests all our products for potency and purity prior to being released for commercial sale. So you know what's printed on the label, is what is put in the bottle.

Over two decades of business and industry evolution, Kinetic Vet has developed a robust portfolio of products. With a growing team of scientists, veterinarians, and animal health advocates, Kinetic Vet continues to support the industry through the development and manufacturing of a vast array of products including

  • Supplements
  • Medical devices
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Disinfectants

Kinetic Vet is steadfast in our pursuit of developing simple, scientifically guided solutions to what can sometimes be complex problems. We do so with generations of experience, and for generations to come.

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