NEW-EquiShield SC (Skin & Coat) Granules 10 lb

Equishield Skin and Coat (SC) was specifically formulated for horses by veterinarians as a daily supplement  to be used routinely to restore  healthy skin and coat.  It can also be used in horses routinely to maintain the luster and shine of the hair.  This all natural product is formulated with the Omega 3,6,9 ratio that more closely mimics fresh forages and their nutritional advantages.  SC also contains essential vitamins, flax and chia seeds which improves coat sheen and luster.  This combination makes SC a good overall, common sense approach to skin health in your horse.

    • All natural, palatable feed additive
    • Great for improving dull coat, sales or shows, or routine maintenance
    • Improves skin health, coat sheen and luster
    • Also helps support healthy hooves, joint function and immune system

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