M.A.S.S. Builder Liquid - 32 fl oz - QUART
$50.80 - 179.30

M.A.S.S. (Multi-Active Strengthening System) was developed by veterinarians to be a multipurpose product to support healthy weight and lean muscle development in the horse. It’s unique formula has numerous roles in the body. As with other products, M.A.S.S. contains gamma oryzanol. However, the developers took it one step further adding fenugreek for appetite stimulation and lysine and threonine that have been clinically proven to enhance weight gain. This product not only supports healthy weight gain but has hind gut benefits making M.A.S.S. the most unique product in this category.


    • 2 convenient sizes for individual or stable use
    • Very palatable for top dressing feed
    • All natural, safe ingredients
    • Stimulates appetite and promotes healthy weight gain
    • Can be used in horses of all ages

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