EquiShield IR Shampoo 12 fl oz
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Equishield IR is a unique combination of ingredients that not only relieves itching and flaking but nourishes the skin and promotes overall skin condition. This product is formulated for itchy horses, dogs and cats. Pramoxine hydrochloride acts as a topical anesthetic while hydrocortisone provides anti inflammatory activity. Colloidal oatmeal soothes the skin and omega fatty acids further nourish the skin and helps control irritation.

    • Shampoo contains soothing and moisturizing base for long lasting effects, ideal for treating large areas
    • Spray is ideal for daily spot treatment of the affected areas and to follow shampoo for prolonged relief
    • Alcohol free, allowing for pain free application to irritated skin

This product is available through your veterinarian or animal health provider.