Contender Hoof 14 oz, 32 oz
$25.80 - 46.30

Contender, developed by veterinarians and horsemen, is the most innovative hoof health product available today. It’s unique combination not only stimulates rapid, high quality hoof growth but supplies all the necessary nutrients for hoof wall structure, pliability, and moisture. The combination of amino acids, vitamins and minerals along with hyaluronic acid for moisture retention and MSM as an important source of sulfur makes Contender the gold standard for equine hoof care.


    • Used for dry, brittle hooves, hoof cracks and poor quality, slow growing hooves
    • Used and recommended by leading farriers and veterinary podiatrists
    • Convenient brush included for single day application to the coronary band
    • Good for both young and older horses
    • Stimulates rapid growth

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