"Over the years I have tried numerous joint supplements on my barrel horses with unsatisfactory results. My older horse would come out of the stall a little stiff in her hocks and I would have to inject periodically. Then I was recommended to use Chondrogen EQ and my horses are proof that your product makes a difference in their performance. My mare no longer comes out of her stall stiff and my other barrel horses are turning quicker. My vet flexed my mare and says that she looks great and that there is no need to inject. I recommend Chondrogen EQ to all my friends and clients."

Kiki Yaron

"I just wanted to send you a brief note to thank you for the excellent product you have and your excellent customer service. 
My name is Sharon Francis Becker and I live in Long Beach, New York. We have a 7 year old Yorkshire Terrier who was born with luxating patellas in her back legs. This past New Year's Eve she jumped for a ball, screeched, and fell to the floor flat, unable to pick herself up. When she finally did she walked with one leg in an up position, very slowly. We took her to our family vet. who gave us an anti-inflammatory to give her for 8 days and said that she might need surgery if she couldn't recover.
My sister worked for a Equine Vet in New Jersey who used your products. She told me that my niece had a dog that had a hip problem and they used your Hyaluronic Acid. It was the only thing that helped her in her declining years. She suggested that I go online and find your site and order the product. 
I did...our dog is on her second bottle. She is able to walk. She walks with caution because we believe that she is afraid to put her foot down, because when she is playing the foot is down. 
Thank you...for your fine product...Thank You for Your customer service...You may use my name and story on your site if you like."

Sharon Francis Becker

"The demands and challenges of today's Olympic 3-day event requires cutting edge health care, management, and training for our horses. The addition of Kinetic's CONQUER to our program has improved our horses' overall soundness and helped them maximize their competitive abilities."

Marcia Kulak

"Robert was on the gold medal winning three-day eventing team at the 2003 Pan American Games. He finished 8th place at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney. In addition, Robert has finished in the top ten at some of the world's most challenging eventing competitions - Rolex *, USET Fall Championship at Fair Hill CCI *, Bromont * and North Georgia CCI *. Robert's famous partners include Dalliance, Chevalier, Lust and Mr. Blue Sky. His horses take Chondrogen EQ."

Robert Costello

"I use a combination of Conquer and Chondrogen on all of my horses and they have never gone better. I would not jump them without it.."

Harley Brown and Cassiato

"Winners of the $75,000. Sacramento International Grand Prix, 2008
We have a 5 year old Italian Mastiff, Cyrus, who has been on your Conquer HA Chewables for several months now. What a dramatic difference these chewables have made for him! He is frisky and plays more now than ever. He is 190 pounds and he acts like a 15 pound lap dog! We are ordering direct from Kinetic Tech as we lost our local supplier because we believe in the product. Thanks for the dramatic change in Cyrus."

Carla Okrina