• Antiseptic hoof paste for topical use.
  • Easy to pack into hoof cracks, crevices, and nail holes.
  • Formulated for horses.


KERA-MEND™ Hoof Crack and White Line Paste is a multi-use paste formulated to provide a barrier for hoof cracks. With antiseptic properties, KERA-MEND™ Hoof Crack and White Line Paste provides an excellent maintenance treatment post abscess. KERA-MEND™ Hoof Crack and White Line Paste works great under pads and glue on shoes acting as a surface antiseptic.

Directions For Use:

Clean out the crack or defect of all debris until margins are firm.

Pack the defect or white line with the paste prior to patching or applying the shoe.


Chlorhexidine Gluconate , Copper Sulfate, Parrafin Wax, Beeswax, Proprietary Blend of oils

Part #:

9010-00-00 - 4 oz

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